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Brad Paisley with our Sydnie Dawson.

Sydnie was able to donate 1,753 pounds of food to Second Harvest Food Bank. Because of her donation, she got to meet Brad Paisley. You may remember Sydnie, the last time we had her on the show, she was one of the little zombies in the movie "Zombieland".

She's currently in the process of another movie. We'll let you know more about the movie as soon as we can. We're very proud of our little movie star." (excerpt from 94.7, The Country Giant)

Congratulations to Mercedes Williams!!

Recognizing and commending Mercedes Laine Williams; and for other purposes.

1 WHEREAS, Mercedes Laine Williams, the daughter of the Great American Bus Interactive
2 Education founder Lisa Williams, has displayed inspiring ambition and talent in pursuing an
3 acting career while assisting in her mother's education program; and
4 WHEREAS, Mercedes was born in Havre de Grace, Maryland, but moved to Dallas,
5 Georgia, with her family, where she would discover her true passion in life before even
6 starting high school; and
7 WHEREAS, Mercedes first role as a Cartoon Network actress was as an extra in the
8 program Cartoon Fridays, but with the impression she made on the network's directors, her
9 talents would soon be recognized as she was cast with the lead female role in the program

Congratulations to Xavier Watson!

A huge congratulations to Xavier Watson! We met & signed Xavier when he was 12 years old,  During his career with B & B, he landed national Go-Gurt and Walmart commercials! We knew early on that Xavier had Denzel Washington's acting qualities. We talked Xavier and his mother, Tara, into pursing Xavier's acting career in Los Angeles. They did it with a work relocation when Xavier turned 15 years old. Xavier worked hard in L.A., graduated high school his junior year and received a full academic scholarship to the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts in LA. This was a huge accomplishment and it just got better. Xavier just received the highest award of his 2013 graduating class for Best Actor and won The Jehlinger Award; Robert Redford and Spencer Tracey received The Jehlinger Award when they went to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. We are so excited for Xavier! We are anxious to see where his talent will take him. It will be amazing!

Here's the American Academy of Dramatic Arts website: American Academy of Dramatic Arts